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vess is a wasp and like any wasp all she wants is someone to share good conversation, pleasant companionship, probably more than one bellini, and the joys of parenthood. 

guide vess as she learns that there is more to romance than just paralyzing someone with a potent venom and affixing an egg to them, allowing your newborn larva to consume them slowly from the inside out. 

(but also, that part is really important. don't forget.)


if you also think that picture of vess is super-flattering there are shirts available here

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsDating Sim, ilujam, ink, insects, Romance, Text based, wasps

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this is the dating simulator I've been looking for. I like that as I picked the nicer dialogue options I could feel myself actually "opening up" to my date. and I liked that I got to consensually lay an egg in him. that's true love right there.

This game is strange, but oddly charming and unique

I'll take it :D thank you!


linda historia tirando a parte em que a filha come seu pai de dentro para fora, mais fora isso tudo ok

I love this idea! It doesn't work on iOS browsers though, and that is all I have right now. The game text doesn't scroll, so it renders over the footer text and then off the page altogether. Is this possible to fix?

Hi! Sorry I didn't respond earlier - there's a link to a version that's only the text underneath the game proper now; I don't think I can do better for that for now, but if I host it externally I'll post it here and let you know. Thanks for letting me know!