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this is the dating simulator I've been looking for. I like that as I picked the nicer dialogue options I could feel myself actually "opening up" to my date. and I liked that I got to consensually lay an egg in him. that's true love right there.

This game is strange, but oddly charming and unique

I'll take it :D thank you!


linda historia tirando a parte em que a filha come seu pai de dentro para fora, mais fora isso tudo ok

I love this idea! It doesn't work on iOS browsers though, and that is all I have right now. The game text doesn't scroll, so it renders over the footer text and then off the page altogether. Is this possible to fix?

Hi! Sorry I didn't respond earlier - there's a link to a version that's only the text underneath the game proper now; I don't think I can do better for that for now, but if I host it externally I'll post it here and let you know. Thanks for letting me know!